Time has passed. Time for a résumé.

Hey, my last post in this blog has been in January 2012. I have written some articles in a new blog (which is in some folder on this web space) – The intention was to make a completely new redesign of this blog, but actually I had really no time for that. Evening school and […]

New Lunar Linux Frontpage and my lunar blog posts moving

Hey, due to striker’s migration from Joomla to WordPress yesterday, all my lunar related posts will now belong to my devblog at lunar linux. Jean

Upscaling in Avisynth – Comparison of resizers

I made this tests because I was searching for a pretty good upscaler. Checking pictures manually is a very subjective thing and so I wanted a way to “calculate” how good a/an scaler/upscaler is. The easiest approach is to check, how similar the upscaled variant is to the original variant. Which is, what my tests […]

Stereo to (fake-)Surround

Before I re-created my blog, I’ve written two articles about a pseudo-possibility for a stereo to surround conversation. I merged both and rewrote the article and hopefully this will help some people. Please note that I’m not an audio-engineer and that I might miss the needed background, this article is based on information I found […]


While fiddeling around with mod_fcgid it turned out I have no clue what the settings mean. And they aren’t very good described. Well maybe they are and I’m just not fit enough to get the correct definitions. So I asked Sven…

urt video

Just added a new video at youtube. Well new.. Thats a 4on1 I won ago a half year or something. I don’t remember Watch it in 720p.

renamed modules

this article has moved to my dev blog

new layout

well, I love minimalistic layouts. This one is somewhat similar to the google-plus layout. I just need a nice header. Some posts aren’t there anymore, coming back soon, I have to rewrite them a lot.

Titel werden überbewertet. Heute mal ganz auf Deutsch :)

Habe gerade die Bewertung von einigen Büchern überarbeitet. Mir sind ein paar Rechtschreibfehler aufgefallen … Heute auch Französisch Vokabel Test geschrieben, war aber eher einfach, ich hab’s mir schlimmer vorgestellt, nach 3 minuten abgegeben und mich die restlichen 7 Minuten gelangweilt. ^^ Hab auch zwei neue Bücher eingetragen, Rothammel’s Antennenbuch (super erklärt, leicht verständlich, aber […]

Quality of Regexp

In my last blog-entry you’ve seen that I compared regexp vs nonregexp-techniques and the result was, that there are “bad” and “good” regexp; while the good regexp are as fast as non-regexp-techniques. Let’s take a closer look at what “good” regexp are. Please notice that I’m not a regexp-magician so if you know about a […]