New Grades

I just graduated last friday, so I have now official the “Realschulabschluss” in germany. Germany’s school-system is quite complicated, so lemme do a fast explaination: Basically we’re all starting in the “Grundschule” you’re going into Grundschule for 4 years (starting with 6yrs (age) nowadays I think). Right after Grundschule you’re going to one of three schools:

  • Hauptschule
  • Realschule
  • Gymnasium

When I went to school back ago 9-10 years, the Hauptschule in our “state” (schleswig-holstein) had only 9 years. Nowadays all three schools got a minimum of 10 years (if I remember correct) however, usually Hauptschule is the worst and Gymnasium the best. I’ve been on a Hauptschule and I did only 9 years. I came out with an average grade of 3,4 (which is really really bad, on a already bad school). Grades in germany go from 1 to 6 where 1 is the best and 6 the worst.

Nine years later I redid Hauptschule with an average grade of 1,0 (the best), and last friday I got my grades for Realschule. Average grade of 1,5.

That, and thats the important thing behind my blog entry, should give EVERYONE the idea: If you WANT something, you CAN. Just do it. Also: Not all people from a Hauptschule are dumb. They might been lazy or not beeing challenged enough.

Never ever give up.

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