yup Hey, I guess you reached this page to get some information about me. Well I’m born 1984 in Kaltenkirchen, which is a city in Germany. I’m working as system administrator (Mostly Linux, administrated BSD and OpenSolaris, also, tho), database administrator (MySQL) and web developer. Currently I’m also visiting an evening-school to continue my education. If everything goes well, I will have a technical diploma in 2013. Got my technical diploma in 2013. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI like Martial Arts, as I did Karate a few years. I also took a look at different martial arts like Judo, Wing-Tsun, Ninjutsu, Aikido and some more, but well, Shotokan- and Shoto-Ryu-Karate is what I did the longest time. I also like skating and swimming. Apart from that I love reading fantasy and star trek novels and of course I also watch related movies. I’m unsure what’s my favorite Band, because I like very different sorts of music. For example the German band “Die Ärzte”. I also like Garbage and Oasis.. So.. My music-taste is quite mixed. My favorite Movie is “Forbidden Kingdom” with Jet Li and Jackie Chan – I really like movies with Jet Li. Countries? Well I’ve been to Poland and Italy. I really like Poland (well Italy was nice, too, bit hot). Countries I’d like to visit are: Sweden, Norway, China, Japan and France. I really hope I can go some day to visit China and Japan, let’s see. Still not enough information?


1992 – 1996 Primary school
at the elementary schools Kellinghusen & Wrist
1996 – 2001 General-education secondary school
at the Hauptschule Kellinghusen
2001 Certificate of Secondary Education (Hauptschule)
2009 – 2010 HanseKolleg (secondary school – Hauptschule)
at the Weiterbildungskolleg der Stadt Lippstadt
2010 Certificate of Secondary Education (Hauptschule)
2010 – 2011 HanseKolleg (secondary school – Realschule)
at the Weiterbildungskolleg der Stadt Lippstadt
2011 Certificate of Secondary Education (Realschule)
2011 – 2013 HanseKolleg (secondary school – (Fach-)Abitur)
at the Weiterbildungskolleg der Stadt Lippstadt
2013 Technical diploma (Fachabitur)

Miscellaneous and Hobbies

Since 2003 Seti@Home
Participant to SETI@home's search for extraterrestrial life
Since 2007 Lunar Linux
Developer for the Linux distribution Lunar Linux (user since 2004)

You might wonder, why i did the secondary school twice. That’s easy to explain. As you can see, I finished the first around 2001 the second around 2010, so I haven’t been to any school for like 9 years. Of course I thought it might be useful, to start from the ground up, to have some sort of “warm up”. That is why I did the secondary school again. Also some note about the German school system: Basically there’s the Kindergarten in which you start (same in other countries I guess). Right after that you’re going to some elementary school for about 4 Years. Right after that you’re going to one of three possible secondary schools: Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium. Hauptschule is the worst and Gymnasium the best (that doesn’t mean people from a Hauptschule aren’t intelligent or something, in fact there have been many intelligent people). To study at a university you need to go to Gymnasium first. So people from a Hauptschule or a Realschule can’t study at a university (except in some rare/special cases). So as you can see above: First I finished the Hauptschule (the worst) then I took a break for 9 years, then I finished the Hauptschule (the worst) then I finished Realschule (the middle) and now I’m doing Abitur (Gymnasium) and now I finished Fachabitur which allows me to study at a Fachhochschule.