My new camera & ISO values

Finally I bought a new camera. Actually I just wanted a few specific features: changeable objective, raw file format and the camera should be compact. I found tons of cameras which might match those three criteria in the end I decided to go for the Sony Alpha 6300.

I’ve just checked what different ISO values are doing (this is my first cam) by taking a photo at all available ISO values and cropping to the same region in each picture. I’ve just used the raw output image converted to png, no additional filtering. The optical zoom was at max.

iso 100iso_100 iso 200iso_200 iso 320iso_320
iso 500iso_500 iso 800iso_800 iso 1000iso_1000
iso 1250iso_1250 iso 1600iso_1600 iso 2000iso_2000
iso 2500iso_2500 iso 3200iso_3200 iso 4000iso_4000
iso 5000iso_5000 iso 6400iso_6400 iso 8000iso_8000
iso 10000iso_10000 iso 12800iso_12800 iso 16000iso_16000
iso 20000iso_20000 iso 25600iso_25600 iso 32000iso_32000
iso 40000iso_40000 iso 51200iso_51200

For me this is pretty interesting. Looks like high ISO = more sharp as well as more noise. Seems 100-1000 is good, 1250-4000 is okay, 5000-8000 might still be acceptable. If I understood the guides correctly, low iso should be used in bright days / outside and you’re going higher with the ISO setting to compensate bad light environment. The above photos has been taken outside and I believe it was a bright day.

Now, the above pictures are pretty dark; I’ve just opened the picture in gimp which uses ufraw to convert it. If I do not set anything and just import it I get:


If I do use dcraw binary though, I get:


Both pictures are ISO 100. Though dcraw seems to do some auto white correction.

I think I love this cam 😀

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