Intellij Idea

Today my license key for Intellij Idea arrived; first time I bought something commercial (except for games) in the past years. I did start webdevelopment with some WYSIWYG editors in windows, back when I was 11 up to 14. Due to all the problems that caused (not w3c conform, having to add hacks for several browsers, precise work was impossible, those editors created table based layouts, etc) and me learning PHP I started to use simple editors with syntax highlighting. When I switched completly to Linux (14 years now linux only) I was using bluefish and vim to do webdevelopment. I think one or two years ago, Till was showing me eclipse, my first IDE – I’ve been pretty impressed because he was hacking down a simple CRUD application within less than 5 minutes and eclipse was doing a lot of stuff automatically, so I switched to eclipse. But…
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Useful JavaScripts when dealing with browser compatibility

Just finished some jquery/javascript stuff when the customer called and told me „It’s not working“, after some talks we’ve found out, they use IE8. And the page was optimized for „current“ browsers, while I wouldn’t say the ie8 is current, it seems that IE8 is shipped with some (all?) windows 7 installations. Hence everything had to be modified to work with IE8. Then the customer called again and asked „Uhm, can we make sure it works for IE7, too?“ – That was the moment I was looking for some ways to test pages in IE7 and by doing so I stumbled over a few interesting JavaScripts:

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Somehow I thought the singleton pattern would be pretty useful for my Request and Response classes, because they’re unique things and there should be only one object of them. They shouldn’t get initialized over and over again. PHP is request based, which means, once you got the output of your php script, the request is finished. Reloading the page will just cause a new request. That means if you write a Request or a Response class it doesn’t make much sense to initialize them more than once. At least, that’s my opinion.
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Stereo to (fake-)Surround

Before I re-created my blog, I’ve written two articles about a pseudo-possibility for a stereo to surround conversation. I merged both and rewrote the article and hopefully this will help some people. Please note that I’m not an audio-engineer and that I might miss the needed background, this article is based on information I found in the world wide web, my personal taste and things I’ve noticed by research/trying. All sources I’ve used are linked at the bottom of this article.
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While fiddeling around with mod_fcgid it turned out I have no clue what the settings mean. And they aren’t very good described. Well maybe they are and I’m just not fit enough to get the correct definitions. So I asked Sven…

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Quality of Regexp

In my last blog-entry you’ve seen that I compared regexp vs nonregexp-techniques and the result was, that there are „bad“ and „good“ regexp; while the good regexp are as fast as non-regexp-techniques. Let’s take a closer look at what „good“ regexp are. Please notice that I’m not a regexp-magician so if you know about a regexp which would do better than the regexp I’ll show, please let me know.

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Netboot Installation


looking for useful documentation about netboot in Linux is quite difficult nowadays; of the various guides I found on the net only 1 was useful (1 of 30) … No wonder that I came to the conclusion to write my own one…

The goal is, to have a central fileserver which does nfs+dhcp+tftp to make netbooting installation images possible. That’s because I’m usually missing a install CD and I’ve got no spare recordables lying around -> all of my boxes can do netbooting, though.

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