Quality of Regexp

In my last blog-entry you’ve seen that I compared regexp vs nonregexp-techniques and the result was, that there are „bad“ and „good“ regexp; while the good regexp are as fast as non-regexp-techniques. Let’s take a closer look at what „good“ regexp are. Please notice that I’m not a regexp-magician so if you know about a regexp which would do better than the regexp I’ll show, please let me know.

Want to jump directly to the result and skip the boring php examples? 🙂
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Netboot Installation


looking for useful documentation about netboot in Linux is quite difficult nowadays; of the various guides I found on the net only 1 was useful (1 of 30) … No wonder that I came to the conclusion to write my own one…

The goal is, to have a central fileserver which does nfs+dhcp+tftp to make netbooting installation images possible. That’s because I’m usually missing a install CD and I’ve got no spare recordables lying around -> all of my boxes can do netbooting, though.

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Boot times

In my last blog I wrote about optimizing the boot-times using runit and a special kernel. As of today I switched to systemd in Lunar Linux and I’m using connman for networking; Let’s take a look at the boot-times again…

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AviSynth Networking & MultiCores in Linux

I have a few boxes around at home, so if i do video-editing i’d like to benefit from that. We can use some avisynth plugins/enhancements to do so. There are two things we might do: a) running filters in parallel b) handing filters to another box (networking). The problem with multiple cores in Linux is that it’s not easily possible to run Avisynth on many cores in fact it’s per default just running on one core.
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